Creve Coeur Sailing Association Creve Coeur Sailing Association

Creve Coeur Sailing Association

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We are the Creve Coeur Sailing Association of St. Louis, Missouri.

We sail on beautiful Creve Coeur Lake located on the western edge of St. Louis County. Our lake is small, but ideal for our kind of sailing. Due to county park ordinances gas powered motor boats are not allowed.

The main focus of our club is on small boat racing. Typical boats are Y-Flyers, Lasers, Thistles, Sunfish, Capri 14.2’s, Buccaneers and a variety of what are commonly called “Dinghies”. While many of our skippers are experienced and competitive, the emphasis is on fun and there are no protest committees.

We typically sail on alternate Sundays, starting at 2:00 and usually have more than twenty boats competing in three races. Check out our calendar for exact dates.

Racing is not our only goal however. We welcome new sailors, and encourage beginning sailors to come out and join us in this wonderful sport. We do not provide sailing lessons, but we do offer a learning environment which has proved successful over the years. On an informal basis, experienced skippers sail with beginning sailors to help them with the basics. New sailors are soon encouraged to sail in our races. So what if you are at the back of the pack? Most of our present members started this same way. And, racing is one of the fastest ways to improve your sailing skills.

Come join us!